29 September, 2020

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Schedule of Gyandarshan & Gyanvani on 14 July 2020

14 July, 2020

The LIVE sessions for 14th July 2020 are:

1)10 am —11 am (GV+GD)

Topic-Tribes in India   

Expert: Prof  Debal K SinghaRoy, SOSS              


2) 11am—12pm (GV)

Topic: Instructional Designing, PGDET

Expert: Dr Sutapa Bose, SOE


3) 12pm—1pm (GV)

Topic: Programmes offered by the Discipline of Geology, School of Sciences, PHDGY, BSCG, PGCGI, AEC

Expert: Prof Meenal Mishra, Dr M.Prashant , Dr. Omkar Verma &Dr. Kakoli Gogoi


4) 4pm—5pm (GV)

Topic: Terms of Payment, IBO 04, M Com, MCom /PGDIBO

Expert: Prof Nawal Kishore, SOMS


5)5pm-6pm (GV)

Topic: Interpersonal Relationship in Nursing ,BSCNPB First Year BNS 101, Block 1, Unit 6

Expert:  Prof Pity Koul, SOHS