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BSC Old and BSCG Practical scheduled to start from 17 May 2023 at SC2705 Dehradun

15 May, 2023


Dear Learners of BSC Old and BSCG Programmes,

1. Please give status of pending Practical Courses through this Google Form so that we may make plan for conduct of practical accordingly.

2. We are starting Practical of 1. BSCG (Physics -2nd Year), 2. BSCG (Chemistry -1st Year) and 3. BSCG (Geography-2nd Year) at SC2705 Dehradun from 17 May 2023 (Wednesday). Those who have pending practical of above courses may attend the practical at SC2705 Dehradun from 17 May 2023. These practical will end by 30 May 2023 (2 weeks).

3. For learners of Kumaon region, we will conduct practical at SC2711 MBPG College Hadwani shortly. They must also fill the Google Form, so that we may form practical batches accordingly.

4. Only learners of July 2022 and previous batches should fill this form. Learners of Jan 2023 are not required to fill this form. We will schedule practical for them after June 2023.

5. For learners of BSC Old, we may run parallel batches. Therefore all learners of BSC Old who have pending practical should report about their status.


Please fill this Google Form



Best wishes
Regional Director
IGNOU Regional Centre Dehradun