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Clarification regarding 4 Exam Centres in District Dehradun for TEE June 2023

10 April, 2023

Dear Learners,

It is to inform you all that one more exam centre (Code: 31046 Dehradun) has been added in the list of Exam Centre for TEE June 2023 under Regional Centre Dehradun. Exam Centre-31046 is located at Govt PG College Maldevta, Dehradun.
The learners who are unable to fill Exam Form at SC2705 DAV PG College Dehradun (due to non-availability of seats), now they have 03 options of Exam Centre:
1. Exam Centre-31046, Govt PG College Maldevta, Dehradun (About 11 kms from Clock Tower Dehradun)
2. Exam Centre-31044, SDM Govt PG College Doiwala, Dehradun (About 20 kms from Clock Tower Dehradun)
3. Exam Centre-31043, VSKC Govt PG College Dakpathar, Vikasnagar, Dist Dehradun (About 40 kms from Clock Tower Dehradun)

Additional Clarification:

Suppose you (any learner) have 8 courses to fill in Exam Form. For 2 courses the portal is showing that seats are not available at SC2705. Now you have following options:
1. In place of SC2705 DAV PG College Dehradun, fill 31046 (Maldevta), 31044 (Doiwala) or 31043 (Dakpathar) as per your choice, and fill exam form for all the 8 courses for that Centre. Your exams of all courses will be conducted at the changed Centre.
2. If you have filled Exam Form for 6 Courses at SC2705 Dehradun. For remaining 2 courses (for example), you may choose 31046, 31044 or 31043. The second form will be accepted for the changed exam centre. But later, when Hall Tickets are issued, exam of all courses will be merged with the second exam centre i.e., 31046, 31044  or 31043. 
Therefore option-1 or option-2 have same outcome that you will have to appear in all your exams at the second exam mcentre (i.e., 31046, 31044 or 31043) and not at SC2705.
If you do not want to opt any other exam centre (other than SC2705 DAV PG College Dehradun), then you have to skip those courses (for which seats are not available at Sc2705) for TEE June 2023, and apply for those courses in TEE Dec 2023 (that too subject to availability of those courses in Dec 2023, which cannot be assured now). However, it is better that you opt the other exam centres and try to complete them in TEE June 2023.