17 June, 2024

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Follow Whatsapp Channel of IGNOU RC Dehradun

20 September, 2023

 Dear All,

It is to inform you that IGNOU Regional Centre Dehradun has recently opened its Channel on Whatsapp. We advise you all to join this channel so that you may get important updates about your study with IGNOU.


You may see the Channel IGNOU RC DEHRADUN on WhatsApp through Link:



Once the Channel is open, please press "Follow" button.


In order to see the channel, you should open "Updates" tab on Whatsapp which is located on the top of Whatsapp Screen between "Chats" and "Calls" tabs. If you do not find "Updates" Tab, please update your Whatsapp through App Manager, then it will be visible.


Regional Director

IGNOU Regional Centre Dehradun