14 July, 2024

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Registration for attending 37th Convocation Function to receive degrees at Dehradun

17 February, 2024

Registration for attending 37th Convocation Function to receive degrees


Dear Learners
(Who have paid fee to receive degrees in 37th Convocation of IGNOU)
It is to inform that 37th Convocation of IGNOU is scheduled on  20 February (Tuesday) from 9AM onwards. At Convocation Function of IGNOU Regional Centre Dehradun, Sri Anand Bardhan, IAS, Hon'ble Add'l Chief Secretary, Govt. of Uttarakhand will be the Chief Guest and Dr Devendra Bhasin, Hon'ble Vice-Chairman, Uttarakhand State Higher Education Upgradation Committee will be the Special Guest of the Convocation Function. They will distribute degrees to the learners. 
You may view invitation card at the link: 
Reporting time at the venue is 9am. It is better if you reach the venue at least 15 min before 9am. The programme is expected to end by 12:30pm. 
We request the learners to fill this Google Form with following considerations:
1. Those who have paid fees and have opted to attend Convocation, they should also fill Google Form so that we may be sure about their participation.
2. Those who have paid fee but opted to get degree by post, and now they are willing to receive degree at the Convocation, they should fill this Google Form
3. If you have not paid fee till date, you may contact Regional Centre immediately to submit fee (@600/- through Online Mode at https://onlineservices.ignou.ac.in/convocation/login.aspx ). If you are able to pay fee, we may include your name for Convocation. In such case fill this form after submitting fee. 

Link of the Google Form: https://forms.gle/xJyJMdfvFEsfy5pc9

After receiving your entries, we will make the final list of participants for Convocation. We will share the list in the Whatsapp Group of 37th Convocation.  Accordingly we will make necessary arrangement for sitting/refreshment of these learners (who will give consent to attend the function).
For further updates will be provided though the Whatsapp Group. Link to join the Whatap Group (for those who wish to attend the Convocation) is as:

Instruction for the learners who will attend the Convocation Function:

1. They need to carry IGNOU ID Card (or any other govt. ID Card)
2. They need to deposit Rs 250/- at the Registration Counter of the Convocation Venue for getting Convocation Scarf. All learners have to wear Convocation Scarf during the Convocation Function. At the closing of the function, learners will return the scarf at the Registration Counter and their Rs. 250/- will be returned to them. Please take change of Rs 250/- in order to avoid difficulties in returning the amount. 
All concerned learners (who have paid fee of Convocation) are advised to fill this Google Form at the earliest.
Best wishes
Regional Director
IGNOU Regional Centre Dehradun